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Welcome to South Manchester Helen O'Grady. Enrol your child on our free trial lesson, with a tried an tested after school curriculum taught around the world to children and teenagers ranging from 5 to 18. Designed to help build confidence and self esteem, our acting and drama classes can bring out the best in your child, help your child gain skills in communication, responsibility and tenacity through dramatic improvisations.

Check out our Kindy classes for 2 to 4 year olds at Antz in your Pantz in Sale. Ideal for parents who want to introduce young children to the wonderful world of acting and drama, movement and communication.

With after school activities and drama classes all over South Manchester, your child will learn in a safe and secure environment weekly and we guarantee your child will begin to develop the social skills that will enrich their lives.

With our fun and engaging drama and acting classes, our students learn from teachers with over 50 years combined of dramatic teaching and experience. Children are able to develop at their own pace, and enjoy an environment that teaches life long skills.

But don't take our word for it, See what students and parents have to say about it.

Check out our recently opened drama classes and acting classes in Bramhall with a composite class available on a Friday evening between 5pm and 6pm providing drama based activities to lower and upper primary children to provide confiedence and self-esteem.

Coming very soon - places soon to be available in new acting and drama classes on Wednesdays at the Rajar Building, Mobberley commencing January 2018.

Ring 0161 749 8746 for details or use the enquiry form.

Remember we offer a free trial lesson for all new students to provide a risk free taster before you buy.

Some skills your child will learn are:

  • Self-Esteem is a skill we all have control over. It helps your child to develop into a unique individual, with a positive approach to life.
  • Confidence empowers a child to explore new horizons teaching them to remain open minded and allowing them to believe in themselves.
  • Communication is an essential life skill. Good communication gives your child an academic advantage as well as impressive professional qualities. Both are skills very much sought after by employers.
  • Responsibility shows a child that they can achieve new goals and allows them to excel in a disciplined but fun environment.
  • Dramatic improvisations to theatrical lessons, in our acting classes and drama classes children will learn stage presence, self awareness and confidence and much more...

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Class Locations

Take a look at our class locations in south Manchester:

Our classes operate all over south Manchester, with more opening all the time you can find a class that not only is local, but is on a day that suits you.

We would love to hear from you, so give us a call on 0161 749 8746 or email us at enquiries@smhog.co.uk

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