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Scenery Painting

Scenery Painting

Things are getting frantic in the Smhog household this week-end. The show begins this week so we only had Saturday and Sunday of last weekend to get any major pieces of scenery built, painted and finished. The rain has decided to visit Manchester, unusually some might say, and the “discussions” between Jane and Andy over the set have been such that I have chosen to keep well out of the way!! However, we all agree that this is the fun part, we just don’t know it yet!

The biggest reward for us all will actually occur when we see all our marvellous students taking to the stage to perform their own little shows at Wellacre College. So far this year we have built a Baobab Tree, a Star Trek type set, a space pod, a captain’s chair, some tables, a couple of laptops and stools. We will soon be hiring stage lighting and making use of our very own sound equipment so famously reported last year.

For the technical minded, the lighting will be powered by a Frog lighting board and we will be using 8 x 1 kilowatt parkans and 8 x 223’s. This will be combined with the lighting already at Wellacre including their own parkans and about 16 floods for the rear of the stage. Believe me when I say that this means an awful lot to us nerdy techy stage types. Thanks goes to Eric Lane who has drawn up the lighting plot. With a little bit of luck next year we will be hoping to have some lighting effects in the shows but we have just run out of time. That said the lighting at the show will be superb once again. Tickets for the show are on sale now so you can order yours to save any rush at the theatre on the day. Having visited some of the studios in my capacity as the sound man I have been very impressed at many of the performances of the students. Just make sure that you learn you lines and when it comes to your moment in the spotlight the be confident and show everyone in the audience who has come to see you just how good you are.

Last year, the performances were amazing in very difficult circumstances as the weather was boiling hot. I know this year is going to be another fantastic show.


ShowtimeDon’t forget that our early bird offer is still available until the 7th July. The offer is that when you re-enrol before that date you get put into a draw for either a free term’s drama fees or a fantastic family ticket to see a show at one of the Manchester Theatres. Get in touch with Jane or Ruth at the office to give yourself an opportunity to win this excellent prize and also to be part of what we consider to be the best drama academy in the world.

Over the summer, the children who are our students will partake in many varied and wonderful activities whilst you are missing your acting and drama. If you want to let us know about these kids activities on your own summer excursion then feel free to drop me a line at smanchester@helenogrady.co.uk. If you include a picture, then I might stick you on the blog and facebook.

Finally, we launch our LAMDA classes in the autumn term. We believe in the transformative power of the dramatic arts and the importance and value of drama in society. Great art has the ability to move, challenge and inspire us; it writes the narrative of our lives. We are committed to encouraging and enabling people to share in this experience, through our training and courses. These classes are likely to be held in the Davyhulme area not far from the Trafford Centre on a Saturday. Andy, our Principal, will be taking the classes which can award UCAS points. The University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is the organisation responsible for managing applications to higher education courses in the UK. Its aim is to help students make informed choices that are right for them – guiding them, as well as their parents and advisers, through the higher education application process. Applications through UCAS are conducted using the UCAS Tariff. This is a means of allocating points to compare post-16 qualifications used for entry to higher education. It was developed to help learners make sensible application choices and to provide information to universities and colleges about a wide range of qualifications. Again, if you are interested then please give us a ring on 0161 929 9586 or 07595 188484. Alternatively, you can email to smanchester@helenogrady.co.uk or you can message through www.facebook.com/smhoggi or Twitter using @SMHOG.

As many Colleges and Universities accept these points, use your drama talent to help you earn an entry to your chosen course

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