Aardvark Casting Photo Shoot Day
South Manchester Helen O'Grady

photoshootAs you may have gathered if you were following facebook, today was the day that we set aside for Aardvark Casting Photoshoot. After being introduced to Doug  Stenhouse we were able to use his photographic skills and techniques to obtain close on 75 portfolio photographs at his studio on the Southmoor Industrial Estate, Southmoor Road, Wythenshawe. Doug has a photograph company and website at www.funkyfoto.co.uk. The whole day was organised by Mel who managed to get people to attend in batches thus making the day a pleasurable day in that people came, got photographed, and then left with a Helen O’Grady and Aardvark casting balloon. The pictures were of such quality that many decided to obtain a copy for themselves. Food was provided via Tesco courtesy of Jane so we all managed to be fed and watered throughout the day. All in all it was a bit of a laugh. It was great to meet so many parents from all our studios who we often only speak to on a phone or email through the world wide web. In addition, it was great to meet so many budding stars of the future. What talent we have!

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Modern cameras and technology now means that a photoshoot picture can be a photograph in a matter of minutes. Cameras with 25 million pixels and a special, high quality flash is a requirement for such an event. Although tiring, we have now achieved our aim and will be busy over the next week or two uploading pictures and profiles to the Aardvark Casting South Manchester website. After that, the real work begins seeking out work and other opportunities for you to be employed in the film, television and theatre genres. If any of you still want to be involved in this exciting venture then it is simple, call us at the South Manchester Helen O’Grady Drama Academy and we will do the rest. This is the reason for attending those acting classes and drama classes from the age of a toddler through to the youth classes. There are a few forms to complete, a profile needs to be written together with some profile photographs. If you are lucky, you might even get a Helen O’Grady balloon!
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