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The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy is the only organisation of its kind in the UK and had its origins in Australia many years ago. In 1979, Helen O’Grady, a trained teacher, drama teacher and actress, hired a hall in a Perth suburb and commenced after school drama classes for children. Her aims were to provide a self-development through drama programme for children attending the class in order ro encourage: enthusiasm, energy, a positive approach to life, confidence, self-esteem, verbal communication skills and more effective social interaction.

Since then the story has been one of success as the Helen O’Grady system has grown and spread all over the world to include: Africa, India, Indonesia, Zambia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, USA, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, Europe, The Gulf States, New Zealand, the Phillipines and Japan. There are over 70,000 students attending Helen O’Grady Drama Classes and Acting Classes every week throughout thirty countries.

In 1994, the concept arrived in the UK and is now available to every child from the age of 5 to 17. In 2009 the UK became the home of Helen O’Grady International and it is the only organisation of its kind in the UK.

South Manchester Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, affectionately known as SMHOG, is your local academy. Thousands of youngsters have already benefitted from the structured learning programme provided by SMHOG, so we are well qualified to provide expert tuition to all children needing to learn basic life skills. This has never been more important in this technological era where the reliance on texts and emails to communicate has not been greater. Through Helen O’Grady nationally, SMHOG spend a great amount of time developing lessons and an extensive range of drama activities designed to capture the imagination of students of all ages.

The material is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is current and appropriate. Our aim is to boost the confidence and self esteem of your child through role play, drama and acting scenarios, scripts and dramatic productions followed by an end of year performance on stage in front of an audience of family and friends. The youth theatre lessons include work on extracts from published scripts which may be on the current GCSE syllabus. With a safe and relaxing learning environment, the children are able to express themselves freely and are actively encouraged to take part at a level they feel comfortable with.

The Principal of SMHOG, Andrew Kielty, has worked both on and off screen in a variety of roles and performances. He is also a talented producer and director of children’s musicals and pantomimes. He has spent all his life involved in the theatre and has a passion for the performing arts. His enthusiastic approach to your child’s development is conveyed through a team of trained teachers all of which have been subject to CRB checking.

Give your child a head start in life. Join SMHOG! Read all about us on our blog within this website or you can follow us on Twitter by searching for @smhog. Alternatively, take a look at our facebook page by searching for us using smhoggi. Like the page and you will receive regular information about the Academy

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