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What we do at South Manchester Helen O'Grady

South Manchester Helen O'Grady is much more than just a drama school for children and teenagers. We work hard to bring the best out of your children. With a curriculum tailored to your child's needs and built to develop their confidence, self esteem and social skills. Your child will take much more away with them that just acting and stagecraft.

Our Teachers have decades or experience in acting and teaching and our principal and business director have between them 35 years in the theatre. Together the whole team work to develop your child's skills and engagement, learning qualities they can take away with them into a career in any industry.

Our Lower Primary classes, for aged 4 to 8, are tailored to teach language and listening skills, sharing, teamwork, expression of thoughts and feelings through mime and much more. Our aim is to develp your child in a way that brings out the best in them at an early age

Our Upper Primary classes, for aged 9 to 11, teach the same ideals and skills as the lower primary however they are instructed to a higher level. With a further understanding of the concepts behind the activities and lessons. children gain confidence and skills that open them up to the upcoming teenage years.

Our Youth classes, for aged 12 to 18, focus on the development of the life skills that will really help them for the rest of their life. Children and teenagers will learn to further their understanding of the concepts behind the drama activities and lessons taught, learning to extend their confidence and communication skills, teamwork, commitment, self esteem, among much more.

By the end of your child's time with us they will have developed many skills that really improve their life. Many of our students have grown into well developed young adults, confident and committed to the work they do.

Our students all learn the same skills and qualitites throughout their time with us, as they grow they learn to develop their skills further allowing them to become more confident and social. Even though a student of ours will focus on learning key sets of skills, none of our students will ever repeat a lesson during the 10 years they can be at our academy. Lessons are always fresh and new, keeping what we do interesting and engaging.



My children love these acting classes. They can't wait to get there every week
AW ~ Sale Studio

My son attends the drama classes at Urmston. It is his highlight of the week
AJ ~ Urmston Studio

Thank you for helping with Callum’s confidence. He absolutely loves his drama
C E (Parent) ~ Sale Studio

Drama is a great way of expressing oneself with many positive aspects in people’s lives
Sir Alex Ferguson

Thanks for your encouragement of Molly. She has flourished under your guidance
DH ~ Bramhall Studio.

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