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South Manchester Helen O'Grady operates drama classes for children and teenagers aged between 5 and 18. We use Drama to help develop those crucial social skills that will enable your child to get a good start in life.

Through Drama, children and teenagers can learn to express themselves, be confident, speak clearly and interact with others. The curriculum that Helen O'Grady teaches worldwide works with your child allowing them to develop at their own pace around friends.

South Manchester Helen O'Grady, affectionatley known as 'SMHOG' is your local Manchester Academy, run by Andrew Kielty as Principal and Jane Kielty as Joint Principal. They work tirelessly to bring the worldwide learning programme, structured to teach children and teenagers basic skills that stay with them forever, to the South Manchester area.

Helen O'Grady operates worldwide in over 30 countries with over 70,000 students coming to weekly classes. Helen O'Grady began in Australia, started by Helen O'Grady over 30 years ago. The school has gone from strength to strength and spread throughout the world. With their specially structured classes, South Manchester Helen O'Grady has helped hundreds of children and teenagers learn skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Our Principal Andrew Kielty and Business Director Jane Kielty have over 35 years of experience in theatre and drama, and our teachers have been with us for years. Together we bring all of our expertise to the Helen O'Grady curriculum and have even helped students with drama school auditions as well as auditions for professional theatres, TV amd film.

Our curriculum is regularly reviewed and further amended to enhance the teaching and learning ensuring each and every class that our students attend is not only valuable to them, but also fun and engaging. We work to bring out the best in your child, to help them overcome any shyness or a lack of self esteem and confidence, giving them a great headstart in life. Children will work through a variety of activities including scripting, role play, imporvisation and much more, ending the year with an on stagre production infront of family and friends. Our Youth Theatre classes include extracts from published scripts which may be on the current GCSE syllabus.

With a safe and relaxing environment everyone is abe to express themselves and develop at a pace that suits them.

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My son attends the drama classes at Urmston. It is his highlight of the week
AJ ~ Urmston Studio

Thank you for helping with Callum’s confidence. He absolutely loves his drama
C E (Parent) ~ Sale Studio

I was so proud of my son at his performance. What a star!
JD ~ Altrincham Studio

It has been the best ten years of my life and what made it more special was that I had spent the last last 8 years of it performing with my best mate.
TM ~ Altrincham ~ On receiving 10 year award!

Drama is a great way of expressing oneself with many positive aspects in people’s lives
Sir Alex Ferguson