Acting and Drama Classes in South Manchester. What a Breeze!
South Manchester Helen O'Grady

Those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter will already have seen the Smhog dilemma involving our scenery storage. On Thursday night (18/04/2013), we have what can only be described as, and felt like, a gale force 12 episode in the North West. The house shook, the trees bent double and bits of garden furniture decided to leave their long held position in the garden and hide in the bushes, usually up against a large solid object. No real problems, we thought, as we just simply returned everything to its rightful place. As far as we are aware, all our garden bits remained in our garden despite their valiant efforts to escape. That is except for the garden shed which now had its felt roof ripped from its fixings and deposited all over the driveway and the front of the house and road.

My thoughts quickly sprang to the nearby storage facility where we keep our comprehensive and expertly constructed scenery equipment for the drama production at the end of our performance term. All our efforts in providing drama classes in South Manchester and Trafford areas were hanging on tenterhooks. Our commitment to increasing the confidence and self-esteem of children through these drama based activities and acting classes could be undermined by a strong Manchester breeze if the roof did not hold up.

Unfortunately, we could not go to the storage facility on Friday due to work commitments. Therefore on Saturday, following a hasty repair to the shed roof, we all decided to make use of some spare time to check the scenery and decide what bits would be used in the forthcoming show. We were glad to see that the strong winds had not breached the security of the storage facility and that the scenery was safe and sound. We were also secure in the knowledge that the highly packed building had been so done to a specific plan to allow us easily to remove what we needed to look at.

Unfortunately we could not remember the plan!

We had a debate about the plan and that failed, even a very light hearted disagreement. A sit down with a cup of tea whilst looking intently at the problem also failed to bring forth the finer details of the plan. There was nothing left to do. Empty the storage facility, look at what we need, decide on a new plan and put it all back. Only this time we would write it down and save it somewhere. So that’s what Smhog did this Saturday. Completely empty a storage unit, look at some scenery and put it back again. The plan is secure under lock and key and three people know where it is so we cannot forget where we put it.

It was only after we had sat down to our evening meal when the suggestion was made, “Wouldn’t it have been a good idea to have photographed them, then we wouldn’t need to get them out in the first place.”

Anyone got a spare room for our Principal? Only for a couple of days just whilst the dust settles!

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