Another Testimonial from our Sale Studio
South Manchester Helen O'Grady

In our continuing report of fantastic testimonials sent in to the SMHOG office we bring you another comment about a student attending our Chorlton class.

“Thank you for helping with Callum’s confidence – he absolutely loves his drama – long may this continue to be the case. His speech and voice projection has improved so much and it is very noticeable when he does his readings at school masses and assemblies. Thanks again for all your hard work”.

Once again it is such a pleasure to receive an accolade from a parent. It means so much when we have a tribute such as this.

What can we do for your Children?

Altrincham YouthAfter working with us for often only a few months, or even weeks, our students see improvement in spoken competence as well as confidence. They’ll feel good about themselves and the evening’s lesson will help to establish a regular and positive routine of extra curricular activities. In addition the drama classes and acting classes will put your children in direct contact with others of a similar age, giving them the chance to socialise and make new friends whilst learning new skills and abilities. This does so much to reinforce crucial skills, like the ability to listen as well as speak. Also, if your child’s first language is not English then they will get the additional benefit that all our classes are conducted entirely in English.

Attendance Award

As well as the social side, there, is of course, the dramatic side. Over the course of the term the children will work on a variety of of dramatic projects, as well as the drama games they will undertake every time they come to one of our acting classes and drama classes. The year culminates in a performance for parents and friends in which everybody gets involved. This is a real highlight for both parents and children and will be an enduring memory for both which will last a lifetime.

At SMHOG we hope to achieve excellence in our drama classes and acting classes. If you want more information than there are a number of ways to get in touch. If you want to telephone then we have two numbers – 0161 929 9586 or 07595 188484. If you would prefer to email then the best address to use is If you want to send a message through Facebook or Twitter then look for us on both. On Faceboook search for Smhoggi and either message us there or use the “Enquire Here” button. On Twitter we are known as @smhog.

The first lesson can be booked as a free trial to see just how much fun your child can have in an hour. Hope to hear from you soon.

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