Big Children Acting in Davyhulme Park!!!
South Manchester Helen O'Grady

St George

Smhog had a wonderful day at the Friends of Davyhulme Park event where we managed to give out hundreds of balloons to make people aware of the South Manchester Helen O’Grady Drama Academy. In the main image, Jane can be seen just before the rush getting the balloons ready which was an effort because there were one or two strong gusts tugging at our canopy and balloons.  It was so nice to meet so many people and to let them know about the  wonderful achievements of our children acting and  taking part in acting classes and drama classes in the local area benefiting from our structured learning programme. So many people stopped to have a chat with Andy, Jane and Aidan that we were unable to actually get that many pictures of the event. A special thanks also to Mel for her efforts in blowing all the balloons up. It was a valiant performance. Three hours whizzed by in an instant and, although a bit windy and overcast, the rain kindly held off until we had packed away and all gone home. At one point we actually saw a bit of sunshine.

Joe Zhou

Aidan, in the guise of St George, steadfastly refused to give way to the nasty dragon which kept marauding through the park looking for young children to terrorise. After a particularly successful defence, he was rewarded by an unknown wench with a lovely cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. A suitable drink for a conquering hero!

At the start of the performance term, we ran a competition in the form of a prize draw of a free term’s fees which was won by Joe Zhou from our Altrincham Youth Studio. We were able to present Joe with his prize on Friday and he allowed us to take his photo of the presentation by Smhoggi. Congratulations Joe. I have to say, having watched them practice their show that I am really looking forward to it because the standard of performance is so high.

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