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Bring a Buddy!

ChildhoodAt SMHOG we hope to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your child to attend and gain confidence and self esteem through drama based activities. These drama classes and acting classes are curriculum based and under constant review. We pride ourselves in allowing each child to develop to their full potential at their own pace¬†without any form of competition with other children. In order to make them even better we offer during the autumn term a chance for each student to Bring a Buddy! This offer allows the Buddy to come to a free trial lesson to experience the wonderful classes we offer and then, should the friend enrol for the term, both the Buddy and the Referring Student get a little award such as a smart Helen O’Grady T-Shirt.

Why am I telling you this? Well, Bring a Buddy day for each studio takes place over the next two weeks. At your studio have a word with the teacher and they will let you know when the Bring a Buddy day is taking place for that particular venue. Last year we awarded about 10 T-Shirts so we are hoping that may be more of you may have friends who can be encouraged to come along and experience the classes. It is a great way to get children and youth to exercise because the classes involve movement and action. As a former sportsman, I recognise the value of sport but not every child wants to chase a ball around a pitch nor run around a track. The current ministerial initiative to provide money to schools simply for sporting activities fails to recognise that exercise can take many forms and that children sometimes want to exercise their brains whilst exercising their bodies. This makes drama classes and acting classes the ideal way to do both in a fun and affordable way. We believe that SMHOG Drama is one of the best in the business for this activity.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

HannahAt SMHOG we comment regularly on the fact that we give children and youth confidence and self-esteem using our drama based teaching, activities and classes. So, it was great to see one of our Altrincham youth, Hannah Sharpe, appear in a news report on Saturday morning Breakfast News on BBC1 about young people voting. As this was Hannah’s first ever appearance on TV you may have thought she would be nervous particularly as she was directly interviewed in the studio by the presenters. There were no such nerves. Her speech and articulation was excellent, she was clear and understandable and self-assured¬†in the various points she was making in respect of the debate. Quite simply, Hannah came across as a confident young person who had a relevant and worthwhile opinion on the subject because she had the ability to be positive and make relevant and informed points on the subject matter.

Hannah has just recently been awarded her 10 year award for coming to SMHOG and can be seen on the very left of this picture with some of the other equally confident members of the Altrincham Youth Studio.

Congratulations to Hannah. Well done from everyone at SMHOG especially your Tutor, Andy.

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