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Over the next couple of weeks we are having a famous “Bring a Friend” day. The idea behind it is that you can bring your bestest mate in the whole wide world to a class and see if they have as much fun as you do. The friend comes to that lesson completely free of charge for one lesson only. If you bring a friend and your friend enrols for the remainder of the term and pays their fees then you both get awarded a fantastic Helen O’Grady t-shirt which would be brilliant if you wore it to the class. We think this would make the others in the class really jealous. This day has been very successful in the past providing the opportunity for others to enjoy the acting classes and drama classes using communication, improvisation and scriptwork.

DSCF4330We believe that children and young persons who are able to communicate effectively and confidently achieve higher and better results. Many career paths whether through study or through employment often start with the dreaded interview. No amount of preparation is enough but a confident person is one who is able to describe themselves and their credentials to any prospective emplpoyer giving them a head start over others who may be just as qualified but lacking in the vital communication skills. Some university courses now require the student to pass an interview beforehand and often places are limited to those who have the ability but also the confidence to succeed. Confident public speaking features now in many university courses separate from drama courses

Our classes are challenging and based on a curriculum which has been tried and tested for many years. It constantly evolves and takes fresh perspectives into account in an effort to keep the lessons current and rewarding. Each student is allowed to develop at their own rate and there is no competition for positions within the classes. Our teachers are dedicated professionals who want to encourage children to perform to the best of their ability providing quality performance based acting classes and drama classes.

If you want to bring a friend to our “Bring a Friend” day then keep an eye out for the posters at your class, speak to your teacher or ring the office on 0161 929 9586 or 07595 188484. Alternativel visit our facebook page and click on the “Enquire Here” button.

SMHOG go Videolicious

As an aside, thanks to those who have contacted us or emailed in respect of our Videolicious video. Clearly it was a great success, so much so that we will try and make another one very soon. As we get to understand the software better we should be able to make better and more professional little snippets showing South Manchester Helen O’Grady acting classes and drama classes in all its glory. If you fancy being in one of the videos which will be uploaded to our youtube channel then please let us know or speak to your teacher. We will try and accommodate you if we are able to. If you want to see what we are talking about then take a look at this blog post.

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