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IMG_0889At the end of each term SMHOG have a four week period of re-enrolment where current students can secure their places for the next term. The incentive for doing so is that they are given a 10% discount on the new term’s fees and also there is the further incentive of a free prize draw. The draw for the enrolment into the autumn term was won by Isabelle Hickson from our Gatley Lower Primary Class. The prize she won was a 12 month sponsorship of an animal from Chester Zoo and, perhaps not surpisingly, she chose to sponsor a Meerkat.

IMG_0890Isabelle was also given free tickets to go to Chester Zoo and her mum sent in some excellent pictures of her which we have also uploaded to our Facebook page at To the left is a picture of Isabelle with her sister having a great day out. She was also given a free cuddly toy which she is holding and she also gets her name on the adoption notice board at the animal enclosure.

IMG_0892At the moment we are in the office and taking calls on our enrolment hotline of 0161 749 8746. Some of the classes are becoming limited in space as parents realise that the curriculum based drama classes are an excellent way to increase a child’s confidence, self-esteem and communication abilities. Together with our Lamda classes which provide real qualifications that can earn UCAS point for university and our Kindy classes for children from 2 years to the age of 4 or 5 years old, SMHOG offer the full range of teaching for all age groups.

Unlike other drama schools, our classes are not competitive. All children improve at their own pace and, by doing so, engage in the learning programme without any worry of being singled out. We pride ourselves on the methods of teaching at the Academy and we receive numerous perntal plaudits at the end of year show which we hold in July. In addition, we have received reports from parents of high praise by school teachers who have recognised changes in the attitude and ability of many of our students who have come to the academy over a sustained period. Some children have had issues in their life which has knocked their confidence considerably, others are just shy and retiring. It is amazing to see the improvement in them from one term to the next.

In any event, don’t just take our word for it. New students can come to a free trial lesson to see whether they enjoy what we do without any risk or financial outlay. You can ring our mobile number on 07595 188484 or email us to smanchester Jane is around and will return any calls which go to voicemail because she is not in a position to answer immediately. Don’t forget that classes actually start back next week so this weekend is the best time to enrol if you want to partake in a full term’s drama fun.

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