Did you see the Tonight Programme on ITV last Week?
South Manchester Helen O'Grady

Channel Tunnel

Channel Tunnel

I hope you did see the programme as four of our South Manchester Helen O’Grady Drama Academy students appeared on the Tonight Programme on ITV on the 29th August 2013. Unfortunately, Smhoggi was taking a short break in France so it wasn’t until we all returned yesterday until we got to see it through a recording we had made. Therefore we were unable to let you all know about the appearance until after we got back and saw them on telly. I thought I would show a picture of Smhoggi as he came through the Channel Tunnel on his way home.

The programme titled “Kids Without Dads” was about fathers being involved with their children in society and the influence that they have over their children as they grow up. The four SMHOG stars from our Sale studio were  Joe Morrin and Pip Winterburn together with his brother Marley and Daniel Becker from our Altrincham Studio who all outlined what their dads meant to them. What was very noticeable about all four of them was their confidence in front of camera and their ability to communicate to the audience when asked questions by the interviewer. It was a great tribute to the students to see them on television and testament to the curriculum based programme of learning which they have clearly taken on board. Well done to all of you ~ you were fantastic.

As these boys get older and continue to develop their skills they will mature into confident and articulate adults. In a society where communication is so very important and often access to jobs and further education is gained through interview, self-esteem and a confident ability to communicate is a vital life skill. This is something which is a core teaching aim of the Academy. Why not give your child a head start in life and enrol with us and come and see what we are all about.

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