Drama……. The New Exercise!!
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Every so often, I feel inclined to take a sideways step from reporting on what is going on at SMHOG. I enjoy populating our facebook page which is called Smhoggi and our Twitter account which can be found at @SMHOG. A subject which is close to my heart and of a serious nature is exercise. I enjoyed sport immensely when I was at school and this interest stayed with me throughout my teens and into adulthood. In fact, I played Rugby until I was in my forties. I felt that the exercise kept me fit and healthy. The injuries and black eyes aside, I felt confident in my ability and my self-esteem. Following the end of my sporting career I still maintained a level of fitness.

WP_20130927_089I recognise that not everyone is sport and exercise minded like me. After my sporting career ended, I found drama. I found that the physical effort of performance was, at times, a match for the buzz and excitement I felt when I played sport. I have been out of breath, heart thumping and aching from the activity all caused by the excitement of rehearsal and performance. I realised that drama could be used to provide children with access to exercise but in a completely different way to how I perceived exercise.

I think this is an issue that the government should take on board and allow funding for schools to obtain the services of Helen O’Grady Drama Academies around the UK. In the last year, money has been allocated directly to funding sports within schools. Drama is a great way to provide real and significant exercise to children of all ages, shapes and sizes. It doesn’t have to involve a bat, stick or ball of whatever shape. It just has to be good fun and something that the children want to do.

Alty Upper Primary 1SMHOG provide drama classes and acting classes which are good fun and something children want to take part in. We have 9 studios in Altrincham, Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme, Chorlton, Gatley, Sale, Stretford, Timperley and Urmston. We are currently working towards setting up a new studio in Irlam and have received a number of enquiries from interested parties. The classes will start at the Boundary Road Church Hall on Wednesday 30th April 2014 so, to book a free trial, you can ring 0161 929 9586, 07595 188484. You can email smanchester@helenogrady.co.uk or contact us through facebook and Twitter. Just leave a telephone number and we will call you back.

If you think your child will benefit from our drama classes and acting classes then consider that the exercise of the body through drama is also matched by the exercise of the mind. Your child will be involved in Mimes, ad-libs, improvisation and scripted pieces. Much of our curriculum mirrors the type of drama education that is and should be taught in schools. As there is no charge for the first class then you have absolutely nothing to lose and your child, as do many others, enjoy themselves using communication and expression improving of their vital life skills.


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