End of Week 1
South Manchester Helen O'Grady

So we move towards the end of week one and what a flurry of activity we have seen. The week has fairly whizzed by and we are all breathless. So far we have had a new printer and photocopier, we had to source the bits to build a barebones tower but we managed it. A super fast computer with Windows 8 installed now resides in the office waiting to be used to good effect. Over the week-end Jane found out that it played music and she was able to listen to Adele whilst going through the administrative systems at the office. She was in heaven and at work! The computer systems including the Helen O’ Grady administration system called Midas is being mastered as we speak. Having said all that we still have a lot to do.

It was great to have a social event for the staff to come and meet everybody and it seemed to be a success. Gill was presented with a Grady Bear by Andy and she loved it. Food was prepared and laid out and most of it was eaten. The odd drink was drunk and we all toasted with champagne to a great future for the South Manchester Helen O Grady Drama Academy.

The 2nd half of the second term has started and students are beginning to re-enrol. Although it is a short term we look forward to a lot of hard work from our dedicated teachers whilst they work with the students and help them through the curriculum. Whilst attending the Altrincham class with Andy on Friday evening, I witnessed a young girl enter the room and stand shyly to one side. He took her hand and paired her up with one of the other classmates. Pretty soon she was acting and taking part like she was an “old hand.” What a transformation. If anybody needed to see a youngster transformed into a confident person with esteem, then this was the occasion. What a shame I didn’t have a video camera.

If your child lacks confidence or self-esteem then bring them to one of the classes. See a transformation in them which helps to promote their own self confidence and belief. The programme by Helen O Grady is curriculum based and runs over the school year. At the end of the year, the children perform on stage if they wish to in front of the parents of the whole school.

Well then, what are you waiting for?

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