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For the first time for a while I have decided to blog about a serious subject which is close to my heart. On Wednesday 14th August 2013 I watched a BBC news report about children. I should say it was a report about the fact that children don’t exercise as much they used to and don’t get involved in activities of a challenging mental or physical nature. The BBC took account of a number of expert’s most of which basically intimated that children have to be involved in sport to exercise. There is no question in my mind that sport has its part to play in keeping children fit and active but not every child is a sportsman or sportswoman.

Helen O'Grady Drama AcademyWhy is it that the BBC don’t recognise that children can exercise and be active through drama and acting. At SHMOG we have classes which challenge the children and, whilst not having them run around chasing a ball, they are full of interesting activities and movement. They are exercise classes using mime, script work, improvisation and verbal dynamics. The children don’t sit down and watch a screen, they are on their feet active and acting. They are using their muscles to mobilise themselves and their brains to think. In addition they are using the skills to develop characterisation and communicate amongst each other.

Is there a more enjoyable way for non sports minded children to exercise? I don’t know! Perhaps if there is you can leave a comment either here or on our facebook page. I suggest it would be an interesting debate which I have already raised with the BBC.

If you agree with me that drama classes and acting classes are a fantastic way to provide children with confidence and self-esteem and can also be used to provide a form of exercise then consider enrolling them at the Academy. We will be pleased to offer a free first trial to see if your child enjoys what we offer because we are certain of our curriculum and our teaching staff.

If you are interested then you can call us on 0161 929 9586 (when the phone line is fixed) and leave a message if not answered. Alternatively, we have a mobile number of 07595 188484 which is operating successfully or you can email us at smanchester@helenogrady.co.uk. We will always call you back or return your message. Finally, the facebook page has an “Enquire Here” button which is working successfully which allows you to send a message for us to call you back.

No excuses then! Exercise for the body and the brain all rolled into acting and drama based classes and activities. Studios are available at Altrincham, Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme, Chorlton, Gatley, Sale, Stretford, Timperley and Urmston. Ages range from 2 years through to 17 years. We would love to hear from you.

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