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PMT LogoOne of the things I like to do is open up boxes which contain gadgets. The bigger the box and the more gadgety the better. Being involved with the South Manchester Helen O’Grady Drama Academy allows us to make decisions in respect of the equipment we require for the end of ┬áterm show. We consulted Smhoggi and made our way to PMT, House of Rock, Manchester (which is actually in Salford) to get some audio advice. PMT stands for Professional Music Technology. They were brilliant so I promised them I would ┬átell everyone on our blog about their customer service.

In the past I have been involved in some shows where the sound is almost a secondary consideration. Microphones that only pick up sounds when you are on top of them. Bands that seem to believe that everyone has come to the show to hear just how loud they can get away with. Whenever, I have been the sound engineer, I have always checked the levels to make sure that the cast can be heard over whatever is going on around them, such as the band, sound effects, etc. Often, the equipment belongs to someone else and has been preset so it can be difficult to make alterations to the levels but I have always endeavoured to do my best. I have always prided myself on trying to do as professional a job as possible and I know that shows that have had me as the sound engineer, the cast have always been able to be heard.

It was with great excitement that we acquired our own sound equipment. I am know the master of the sound gadgets. 6 spider microphones which can pick up a pin drop. Two 800 watts speakers with incorporated amplifiers, capable of being piggy-backed should we wish to add to the equipment. An 8 channel sound mixing desk with 4 auxilliary inputs allowing a laptop to be added to the mix. This means that sound effects are a doddle as are the song cues. Two speaker stands and four microphone stands leaving two microphones capable of being hung on the stage picking up the action and all the necessary wires to connect it all together. All set up and tested to ensure it works perfectly.

Really, really, really now looking forward to the show.

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