Irlam Drama ~ You were fantastic!!
South Manchester Helen O'Grady

After a great deal of effort by Jane and Andy, we finally opened our Irlam Studio and it was a great success. As word spreads about just how good the drama classes and acting classes are I am sure that numbers will swell at the venue. Andy reports that those who came were excellent. They were very confident and took part in all aspects of the class that he asked them to. The studio is at the Methodist Church Hall on Boundary Road in Irlam and is a brilliant venue for this type of drama activity. The lower primary classes are between 3.45 and 4.45 and the upper primary is between 4.45 and 5.45 each Wednesday during term time.

irlamBehind the scenes, we have been taking part in a major facebook and twitter campaign to promote and publicise this class. In fact, this morning a number of messages were received that some parents could not get through such was the interest in the Academy. Most parents seem to indicate that there is nothing else of this nature in the area so we hope that those parents who did bring their children to the classes agree that the drama lessons and coaching we provide is useful and important to their children as they develop these new skills whilst having fun with others.

Although the classes are fun, they are challenging as well. They provide the foundation for children to become confident and gain self-esteem through the curriculum based activities we follow. Communication is vital, as is listening, team work, expression and speech. All areas we cover in the term lessons. Children are asked to be creative and develop their own abilities in ad-libs, mimes and scripted work. We believe that SMHOG is the best in the business at this. We allow children to develop at their own rate and achieve their maximum potential whatever that may be.

Our classes are open to all. The first lesson is a trial lesson and is free of charge so there is no risk to a parent as the child can try before you buy. Parents will also get the opportunity during the term to come to a lesson and either watch their child and see their progress or actually take part in the drama activities. I can guarantee if you do that you will have a great time. Just search the website or facebook for some children and parent photographs. If you are interested then give us a call on 0161 929 9586 or 07595 188484. Alternatively you can contact through Twitter or facebook as many parents have and we will message back or telephone if you leave a number.

Well done Irlam – You were fantastic. A great start to hopefully a great studio.

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