Manchester Performance Seminar
South Manchester Helen O'Grady


Smhoggi watches the Performance

I have to admit feeling a little trepidation in our attendance at the very first Helen O’Grady seminar which focussed on the requirements of the performance term. Jane and Aidan were the attendees and were admirably backed up by Smhoggi who remained attentive throughout the day. It was a marvellous event when all said and done. The reason being that we were made to feel so welcome, the setting was brilliant, the food was great and we learnt a lot of new techniques and ideas which we intend to adopt in our own performance in about 15 weeks time.

So, our first taste of the Schipol Suite in the Manchester Airport Hilton Hotel along with about 150 like minded Helen O’Grady Principals and Teachers began with an ad lib session. Once done we then volunteered for roles within the set plays which will be the performances mums, dads, grandmas and grandads can come and see. The Helen O’Grady model of teaching self esteem and confidence though drama based activities is all apparent. Judging by the way the day flew by, we all had a great time. It was amazing to see how words written on a piece of paper become meaningful and current when performed. Even the newly written works, specifically done so for the Helen O’Grady performance term, were very well received and, actually, are quite humerous. The event is so popular that even Principals from the Helen O Grady Malta Branch flew in to take part in the day.


Nothing was overlooked, costumes, sets, line blocking and auditions were all covered in an eventful and very interesting day.

If you want to give your child a head start in life and make them stand out from the crowd then look no further than the South Manchester Helen O Grady Drama Academy. We guarantee a great time for all children in safe and secure acting and drama classes, using a tried and tested teaching method which is under constant revision. Your child develops at their own rate and quickly learns communication skills allowing them to engage and thrive. We are one of the best drama schools in Manchester. Our acting classes provide your child with skills and abilities which they will use all their life and is backed by the Helen O Grady seal of approval, which has been around for over thirty years and on every continent in the world. There is nothing like seeing your child acting on stage with confidence and ability.


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