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Andy Kielty ~ Principal

Andy Kielty ~ Principal

Today, I thought it was a SUNDAY. It was a good job that Andy, the Principal, was on the ball as he went off to teach at his classes at the Sale Studio. This weekend has mainly been a preparation for next weekend when we have a staff meeting to discuss the various aspects of the show production. Aidan cleaned the decking and then oiled it to make it look pristine again, whilst Jane tended to the pots and plants which make it such a nice place to sit in the sun. A pleasant day listening to the birds scrambling about in the undergrowth and bushes whilst a pre-production meeting discussion took place. Could it get any better, I don’t think so, after all this is supposed to be work!

Next week we look forward to welcoming the staff of South Manchester Helen O’Grady to the meeting in order for us to re-iterate and discuss the finer points of the production. It isn’t just a case of turning up and everything is ready and in order, a lot of planning and preparation is required to ensure the show is the best we can make it and as professional as possible. The scenery  difficulties have been overcome but we now move on to the props and costumes. A special thanks must go to Ruth, the Deputy Principal, for her commitment and ability in helping us get this show term going. Many weeks of hard work lie ahead before the show which is performed at Wellacre Academy, Irlam Road, Flixton, Manchester, M41 6AP between the 5th to the 7th July 2013 where the parents of our budding stars get to see their little ones on stage.

Acting and drama can be a great way to instill confidence in a child helping them develop into successful individuals. The classes at South Manchester Helen O’Grady drama are a fun and affordable way to give a child self esteem. Using our acting classes and drama techniques, children learn how to speak publicly, how to listen, discipline and drama and acting skills. The classes are curriculum based and are constantly reviewed and updated. Give us a ring or email an enquiry to

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