Parents’ Day Week is over!
South Manchester Helen O'Grady

The end of Parents’ Day Week and we have had such a wonderful time. There wasn’t an evening where proud parents did not come up to us and congratulate the teachers for getting their little one to perform in the way they did. The most common comment being, “I never thought he (she) had it in him. I am so very proud.” We all knew you could do it because you have all been so very professional and committed throughout this term. It will be great if we can continue this through to show week which promises to be one of the best ever.

Having a Well earned Cuppa!

Our newest member has now been fully integrated into Smhog. His name is Smhoggi and his first duty on arrival at the office was to draw the winning ticket for a full term’s fees paid for one person who has renewed before the 15th March 2013. The winner was Joe Zhou from the Altrincham Youth class and our congratulations goes to him. So you can all recognise him I have ¬†attached a picture or you can follow his exploits on our Facebook page by clicking the link.

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