Parents’ Evening…….A night to remember.
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Spot the Parent!

Spot the Parent!

As Parents’ Week comes to an end, I have to say what a fantastic time we had. When it was decided that we were going to have a week for the parents where, instead of just inviting them along to watch, we would actually be asking them to get involved in the class with their own children, I thought that few would be up for it. How wrong I was. I was amazed at how many parents got up and were fully engaged in all the activities of the class and it was obvious to all that their own children clearly enjoyed them taking part. There were some fantastic pictures taken of students and parents working together in the allotted activities. It has to be said that there are some brilliant actors amongst our parents as the photographs which we will shortly publish probably on our facebook page at will testify.



A great big congratulations has to go to our 6 boys who auditioned for a major feature film role today organised through our Aardvark Casting Agency South Manchester. We know that you did very well and wait to see whether any of you have progressed to the next stage. Even if you haven’t you should be extremely proud of yourselves for your efforts and your performances. It has been noted by the Casting Agent that all of you were off script and also were able to sing confidently without having to hold the sheet music in front of your faces. That was not the case with a lot of the auditionees from other organisations who also attended today. Take heart from the confident performances you undertook and the fact that you were able to perform in front of camera and star in your very own 10 minute film performance albeit so that the casting agency can decide to hand out an excellent opportunity to somebody.

DSCF4794_miniIf you are successful we will let the world know. If not, then there is always the next time. We hope that you agree that the curriculum based teaching at our studios has gone some way to providing you with the tools and skills to at least have a go. Confidence and self-esteem are the key to success in life and you all showed you had bags of it. It is not to be under estimated just how far you have all come and how big a challenge you have undertaken. We are so very proud of your efforts.

If you want to be given an opportunity to appear in films, television or stage plays, please note that we are continuing to receive requests for talent on a regular basis which we will let you know about providing you are registered on our Aardvark Casting South Manchester Agency. Some of these opprotunities are very exciting and possibly life changing for the successful auditionee but you have to be part of it to get told about these chances. Just check our facebook pages for further information or ring us on 0161 929 9586 or 07595 188484.



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