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Gosh it has been a while since I last posted a blog. Behind the scenes there has been a lot of activity in an attempt to set up a new drama class in Irlam and I am proud to say we have secured the venue, decided on the start date and commenced an advertising campaign in the local area to populate the classes with as many budding actors and actresses as we can. Of course, it is not just about the acting, it is also about instilling high self-esteem, providing natural confidence and being an articulate communicator.

Fun Times at Gatley Lower Primary ClassOur new classes in Irlam will be the Methodist Church Hall, Boundary Road, Irlam and will be on a Wednesday between 3.45 and 5.45. The lower primary class will occupy the first hour with the upper primary taking the second hour. The classes are affordable and all inclusivewhere we believe our teachers can unlock a path to creativity through a unique performance arts curriculum specially written for the appropriate age group. In our enquiries in the locality we have been told that there is nothing like this in the area so, if you know someone who might be interested then send them a link to this website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Summer Productions

DSC_0046aIn the summer term , all the academy classes work on a short, specially devised and written production to perform for parents and friends towards the end of term. Unfortunately this won’t apply to the Irlam class on this occasion but that is somethin to look forward to next year. The Lower Primary classes will be performing either The Chicken Hearted Fox or How the Lion got his Roar. The Upper Primary plays include all singing, all dancing Storyland or the Futuristic Maximum Speed. Finally the Youth Theatre will visit 1920’s Gangland America and perform The Kidnapping of Kitty O’Hara. Last year the performances were of an extremely high quality I was so proud to be associated with the academy.

With 35 years experience internationally and 20 years in the UK, the Helen O’Grady Academy is a world leader and our acclaimed self-development drama programme has been helping children across the world to develop social skills that will make the journey through life much easier. All it takes is to get in touch. A telephone call on 0161 929 9586 or 07595 188484, an email to or a contact through facebook (search for Smhoggi) or twitter (search for @smhog) and we will do the rest. What’s more, the first lesson is a free trial lesson so you can try before you buy and experience our fantastic drama classes and acting classes.

What is there to lose? Nothing, come and join in the fun.

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