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S0103524Well then, what did you do on your summer holiday? We have to report that Shmoggi the Bear, the boss of South Manchester Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, risked his life and limb to achieve a dream. He made a fixed line parachute drop and returned to the ground to massive applause from the rest of the SMHOG team present to witness his bravery. The parachute jump took place at the Malmesbury Kite Flying festival and he joined the ranks of dozens of other brave bears and cuddly toys who also took part in the event.

S0103525S0103526 In order to capture the whole episode on film we had a photographer present who recorded the moment Smhoggi took the plunge and dropped from a great height. How relieved we all were to see his parachute open and he gently descended to the ground. The day was brilliantly sunny and very hot but the breeze was sufficiently strong to make the day a great success for the festival. The Smhog staff present had a great time watching the events as they unfolded.

S0103528Following his exploits Smhoggi is glad to be returning to being “The Boss” at South Manchester HelenO’Grady Drama Academy. He is just as excited about the autumn term which will be full of new curriculum including mimes to music, improvisation and script work. There are new events taking place through the term including a parents day with a difference – your parents actually get involved and perform with you. Make sure you book them now to be available. Join our classes and you, too, could become as brave and confident as Smhoggi.

What did you do on your summer holiday and were you as brave as Smhoggi?  If you want to tell us then go to our facebook page and leave us a message. Maybe you were just as brave as our Smhoggi!!

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