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The end of the first week of term has arrived. What a busy week that was! So many of you have returned to your studio and are now taking part in drama classes and acting classes that we believe are the best in the business of instilling confidence and self-esteem in children and youth. We see improvement in children who attend our classes and take part in the drama based activities which are curriculum based and often link to the National Curriculum. Don’t just take our word for it, we have had a fantastic testimonial from a local head teacher for a pupil attending one of our classes:

“Dear Jane, Sincere thanks for (student from school) to join a Helen O’Grady drama class last year.  The child made tremendous progress in all areas of his learning.  He blossomed from a pupil who was experiencing difficulties socialising with his peers, to a confident, caring young person.  He developed self-esteem and learnt to follow instructions and expectations.  This is credited to the high level of work and interaction carried out at the weekly classes.  The impact it had on his attitude and approach to lessons and daily challenges rose dramatically. Many thanks”

smhogThis is excellent news for us and something we are rightly proud of. We have known all along that our method of delivering drama to children and youth, to improve their confidence and social skills, really works. Now we have others in positions of authority and knowledge also agreeing that our classes deliver results. It is our belief that we are the best in the business at this. In previous blog posts I have made no excuse for believing that drama is the new exercise and sometimes children who do not wish to play sport or chase a ball around a pitch can often exercise their body and mind through the movement and challenges of our drama classes. Sport is not the sole arbiter of exercise!! Our classes test the mind and the body. They channel children and youth into activities requiring discipline, confidence and self awareness. They are allowed to progress at their own rate as there is no competition between them.

It could not be simpler to get in touch with us at SMHOG. Directly from the website, on every page is a mailer which is the easiest and simplest means of communication. We aim to respond to each mailer within 24 hours. On the facebook page you can message us and we will also respond. The best option for us is if you include a telephone number so we can call you and answer all of your queries at the same time.

A brand new curriculum is being delivered this term by Andy, Ruth, Cheryl, Julie and John who are all part of the SMHOG team backed up in the new office by Jane and Ruth. If you want to be a part of this wonderful Academy then just get in touch with us and have a chat.

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