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As Britain in general is battered by gale force winds, torrential rain and many areas are subject to flooding we continue in our efforts at the Academy to bring you drama classes and acting classes designed to instil confidence and self esteem in children to the best of our ability. Currently, there is a lot of talk about sports and exercise, encouraging children and youth to engage in activity designed to improve their fitness and general health. I just wonder why the activity seems only able to be sport. Don’t get me wrong. I spent most of my life chasing a funny shaped ball around muddy pitches all over the country and all my spare time was devoted to improving my skill to be able to plant the funny shaped ball beyond a line with the effort of 14 other similarly minded individuals whilst being prevented from doing so by 15 combatants on the other side (For those that don’t get it – I’m referring to Rugby Union).

Drama - Exercise for Body and Mind

Drama – Exercise for Body and Mind

Drama also has its place in activity and exercise. Not every child wants to play sport so acting and drama is a fantastic way to get them to exercise whilst having a lot of fun. All our students come to the classes to enjoy themselves. The curriculum and method of teaching is such that the activities in the class involve movement, interpretation and adaptation. Children are encouraged to exercise without them even realising they are doing so and they benefit as a consequence. They always seem to be having such a great time as many of the pictures recently taken will testify to. A confident child is one who can articulate and communicate. If these life skills are apparent at an early age they provide the tools for them to progress in life. Interviews, job presentations or just simply confidence in their ability can be achieved by providing them with the confidence at this stage of their lives.

All children have ability which can be nurtured. At SHMOG we aim to provide this encouragement through our learning programme which has been designed over many years and tailored to provide a challenging yet achievable target for the student. Everyone is encouraged to achieve their own goals and, as there is no competition, everyone improves at their own rate. Why not give it a try – Drama, the new exercise for the body and the mind.

Children’s Imagination

DSCF4362_miniThis week has seen a number of enquiries from parents wishing to take part in our Academy. Several of them have commented on the headline picture on our facebook page of a group of Altrincham Lower Primary children laughing and smiling during their class. The comments of the enquiring parents has been to state that they love the picture which shows the children concentrating, laughing and generally having a great time. The teacher at this class is our Principal, Andy, who is opening the class with a very short story of his dog, Oscar, who had telephoned him that week on his mobile whilst out and about.


Of course, dogs don’t usually operate telephones but on this occasion, Oscar had decided to play with a handset that he found whilst alone in the house which happened to call the last number, namely Andy’s.¬†One of the parents commented how you can see the children using their imagination to picture Oscar talking to Andy over the telephone and how funny their own ideas of the scene were. She was right as the pictures says it all.

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