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Grace Scarhill from our Altrincham Studio

Hello Everyone, SMHOG hope you have had a fantastic summer break and are looking forward to the new drama year with excitement just like we are. Loads has gone on over the summer including a new office move for us which is why we have been a bit quiet on the facebook, twitter and blog front. Instead of occupying the office in Altrincham, we are now running the office from 13 Westgate, Urmston, Manchester, M41 9EL so don’t forget to change the address if you send any post to us. Often with a change of address comes a change of telephone number but we are excited to say that at Smhog we haven’t got a change of number. We have managed to keep the old number of 0161 929 9586 and acquired a new office number of 0161 749 8476 so you have twice as much chance of getting hold of us. Don’t forget we still have the mobile telephone number of 07595 188484 if you prefer the mobile route.

Our website has had a facelift at www.smhog.co.uk and we thank Richard Kielty for his efforts in this field. If you are reading this from facebook then you will know that we are still known as www.facebook.com/smhoggi. Why not “like” us and then you will get our regularly updated feed. This is another exciting year for us because, in addition to the fantastic drama classes that we provide, we are also offering LAMDA classes on a Saturday afternoon in Urmston, not far from the Trafford centre. These classes will be taught by Andy, the Principal, and a number of enquiries and enrolments have already been received and made.

LAMDA has been offering practical examinations in communication and performance subjects for over 130 years. SMHOG offer a performance and communications-based syllabus leading to accredited and non-accredited awards in the UK and worldwide. Almost 90,000 candidates took LAMDA examinations in over 30 countries last year, making LAMDA the largest statutory speech and drama awarding body in the UK. The examinations are about achievement and empowerment. Anyone can take a LAMDA exam, regardless of age, ability, ambition or experience. Our ultimate aim is to provide every individual with the opportunity to develop the life skills they need to be a success, wherever their future takes them.

Helen O Grady 12Thank you to everyone who took part in the end of year performances in July. It was a great success and well received by everyone who attended. Additionally, we look like to thank the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have had and we look to improve on last year. There has been some new ideas presented to us by parents which we are considering and look forward to implementing some to make the experience for your child even better. We will always say that we believe that we are the best drama academy in the world at instilling confidence, self-esteem and discipline in children and improving their social skills and communication.

If you want to enquire then we have a number of ways to be contacted including a brand new form submission box on every page of the website. Just put your details in and send and we will get back in touch as soon as we can. Hope to hear from you all very soon.

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