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Hello Everybody! The half term holiday is now over and all classes will resume next week leading to the main academy performance. Don’t forget that tickets are now on sale for the performances and can be purchased in the run up to the show simply by ringing our office on 0161 929 9586. Jane has reported that the production side is now taking shape. The costumes are being made and equipment is being gathered together and made ready for the show. We are still sourcing other items which we will add to our already extensive stock whilst other scenery is being made and fabricated as we speak.

ChildhoodSome of you may have seen that last week the website was actually attacked by a small spyware trojan which meant that searches for us in google or our facebook links were redirected to some erroneous advertising campaign. Normally, these type of hacks are aimed at high end specification websites so I take it as a complement that we were targeted, clearly recognising the success of our website pageAnyway, after a brief investigation, we have plugged the gap, beefed up our own security and the relevant offender has been banished to the nether regions of cyber space. There was never any danger to your own computers but it was just a minor inconvenience that you may have suffered in trying to access our home page.

In the weeks running up to the show we are still running the theatre mask competition and a prize will be awarded each night during performance week to the best submitted for each age group. For full details speak or email our office or have a word with your tutor at your class. Smhog is now also selling Helen O’Grady t-shirts, hoodies or sweat shirts which will be modelled by the Smhog staff in the coming weeks. These are available by order from Jane or Ruth by telephoning 0161 929 9586 or by email. If I can get one of them to model their very posh sparkly pink hoodie I will stick the picture on Facebook and the website so keep checking in.

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Smhog now also has a mobile telephone number of 07595 188484 which is also available for contact if that is your preferred method. All contact means have the facility to leave an answerphone message which we always respond to.

Mel is still taking details for the Aardvark Casting website which she is managing. There will be a photoshoot for all interested parties to update your Aardvark website details and soon there will be promotion and publicity of everyone to get some theatre, tv and stage work which is regularly offered. Aardvark is free to join unlike many other theatrical casting agencies. The only fee payable is a percentage of the earnings when work is successfully found for you. You cannot lose!

If you have stumbled across this site and are interested in classes for your children, we are taking details for next term which starts in September following the summer holidays. If you contact the office of 0161 929 9586 we will take your details and ring you back in time for enrollment to commence in September. Look forward to hearing from you.

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