What a Scorcher…….#2!
South Manchester Helen O'Grady

DSC_0046aDuring our excellent performance week end we have some wonderful performances to marvel at. It was clear that our acting and drama teaching model has worked with the students at the Academy. It is wonderful to see the younger children prepared to stand on stage in front of a large audience and say their lines with confidence, gusto and purpose. It is pleasing because the parents don’t always get to see the trials and tribulations which go on at the dress rehearsal and technical rehearsal. For example, one lower primary student who can only be about 5 or 6 years old spent the whole of the dress and technical rehearsal attached to the knee of one of our staff. He would not even acknowledge anyone trying to speak to him by turning his head away. After much persuasion he was convinced to go on stage but only if his staff helper went with him and he could sit on her knee. All attempts for him to say one of his two lines resulted in him turning away and completely ignoring the teacher.

It appeared that we may have lost a participant in a Sword in the Stone performance. He was taken to the dressing room and eventually coaxed inside where he settled down and began interacting with his fellow classmates. He even put on his Knight’s costume except for the helmet which he refused to consider. Even without the helmet he looked good as did the other knights. He went to the stage and made a compromise that he would only go on stage if his mum was side of stage. Soon he agreed that his mum could go out front and watch him and I saw her depart looking slightly strained. Was he going to crack?

The show started and he was fine, albeit he remained side of stage until his cue music. Once his cue music started, together with his fellow knights he strutted his stuff onto the stage. Who was this little performer or, more accurately, who was the shy little boy at the technical rehearsal? It was a different person, surely? Then came the moment to deliver his lines. Being on the sound I readied myself to turn the volume up to almost feedback so that we could capture any small utterance that may come from his lips.

DSCF2895x“Sir Percy, bring me my Standard. I have the best Standard in the kingdom” boomed from the speakers. Where did this voice come from? This little knight projected his voice like he was a seasoned stage performer. I swear he did not even need a stage microphone such was his voice projection. No nerves, no shyness, just confidence and self esteem. The very attributes we hope to achieve with your children by our curriculum based drama classes and acting classes.

The Academy is now closed for the summer although we do attend the office and take details from the answerphone if you wish to ring and leave a message. All calls to 0161 929 9586 and 07595 188484 will be returned. Alternatively we now have a contact facility on facebook where you can click through the “Enquire Here” button to send a message. Enrolment for the Autumn term from September through to December is taking place and promises to be an exciting term with new curriculum practised by principals at our summer seminar. The music is fun and funky and expertly produced. I honestly cannot wait to see it being performed.

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