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The show week-end has ended and what a great week-end it was. I have just about got over the enormous amount of effort which goes into the SMHOG Academy performance ranging from building scenery, loading up vans, carrying the equipment into the theatre, setting up stage, setting up lighting and setting up sound. After that, we then have to load it all back into the van and return it to our store. There are just so many people to thank for their efforts over the week-end which helps to make the running of the show a success. Also, thank you to so many people who filled in feedback forms and approved of our format change. It was great to see so many people cheering and applauding all the kids who were receiving their awards at the end of the performance.

Also SMHOG wishes to thank Doug Stenhouse from funkyfoto.co.uk for his photographic skills. I hope to have some superb shots to display very soon. If you were unable to purchase a photo on the night then you can go to this link and use the password ogrady2014 to get access and make a purchase.

Some of the stand out incidents which I caught over the four performances were the upper primary boy who had not only learnt his lines in his script but had learnt the lines of everyone else which meant that he could play an additional role of Biff in the Maximum Speed play without anyone realising he had only stepped in at the last moment due to illness. There was one young lady who played Miss Muffet who acted her heart out. She responded to every line, delivered her own lines clearly and confidently and showed excellent stage presence and ability. The audience had to laugh at one lower primary girl who received her certificate of performance and 1 year certificate and then apparently asked Ruth for a “selfie” at the end of the presentations to other children who had received medals and trophies. With great indignation in front of 300 people she announced that she didn’t want a selfie, she wanted a trophy!! With confidence like that I am sure she will get there soon.

I had to remark to all the teachers at the Academy just how good all the performances were. Clearly the kids liked their costumes which looked brilliant as the youth section seemed to put their gangster outfits on for The Kidnapping of Kitty O’Hara almost within minutes of getting through the theatre door and then stay in them until they reluctantly went home. Everyone should be proud that the lib was delivered with great skill and confidence. There was barely a quiet voice on the stage, everything was heard. There was a speech given by Tom upon receipt of his 10 year award where he said that it was the best time of his life and what made it more special was that he had spent the last last 8 years of it performing with his best mate, Jack.

As many parents have asked, we have extended the early bird enrolment offer to Friday the 11th July 2014 which means that you can enter a draw for a free term’s fees or a family ticket to a show in a Manchester Theatre.

There are still two weeks of term left before the summer break. During the break we will still be able to receive messages but may not respond quite as quick as we would do normally. If you do wish to contact us then ring 0161 929 9586 or 07595 188484 and leave a message, that is if we don’t answer it first. There are exciting times ahead at SMHOG as we embark on our LAMDA courses from Spetember. I know that there have been a number of enquiries which is not surprising as they can earn UCAS points for qualifying courses and universities. The LAMDA classes will be held on a Saturday afternoon at a venue in Davyhulme not far from the Trafford Centre. If you just want some great drama based activities for kids then come and join us at our drama classes and acting classes in one of the studios around South Manchester.

Thanks to everyone who took part and also those who came to watch for their support and encouragement.



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